Handmade clock

Posted: 31st Oct 2016

Enjoy that extra hour with a snazzy new clock handmade by you using an oh-so-simple kit and a favourite fabric!


You will need

Clock making kit - includes self-adhesive PVC panel, painted metal ring, double-sided tape, finishing tool, clock assembly parts, set of clock hands
Covering of your choice
Sharp knife or scissors
AA battery


1. Cut down your covering to a workable size, and iron to remove any creasing. Place your covering face down. Position the self-adhesive panel on top and remove some of the release paper. Stick the panel down onto your covering, smoothing it as you go and removing all the release paper.

2. Cut off surplus covering by running a sharp knife along the edge of the panel or trim with scissors. Snap back the creased edges around the panel until the PVC breaks then remove. The panel is now complete and ready for the ring placement.

3. Apply double-sided tape to the inside centre of the metal ring. The tape should be on the inside of the ring and the outside should be clean. Press the tape into the ring and then remove the release paper, so the ring is sticky.

4. Align the ring to the PVC edge of the panel and place down, checking the position is in line all round. Pinch the fabric, and pull firmly over the ring and tuck into the sticky tape on the inside. Use the tool provided to push the surplus fabric behind the ring for a clean finish.

5. Pierce the fabric so you have a hole to fit the clock movement. Remove the brass nut and washer, leave the rubber washer on and insert the clock movement through the hole. Put on the brass washer and nut and hand tighten.

6. Fit the clock hands, following the instructions provided. Pop in your AA battery and your clock is ready to hang!

Tutorial and images courtesy of Dannells and Ella Johnston.