Super easy non-sew curtains

Posted: 3rd Aug 2016

Image: Dunelm 

We all know that curtains can cost a small fortune and they still might not be exactly what you want. So today we are going to talk you through how to make your own non-sew curtains (because not everyone is a whizz with a needle and thread)


You will need
Cotton fabric
Iron-on hemming strip 
Measuring tape
Fabric scissors
Curtain rod
Curtain clip rings 
Thin cotton dishtowel


1 Measure the window; ideally you will want your curtain to be 1 ½ times wider than the window to allow for some folds in the fabric when the curtains are closed.

2 Once measured, add an extra 2" to the height of the fabric (1" for the top hem and 1" for the bottom hem) and an extra 4" to the width (so that both panels have a 1" hem on each side)

3 Once the dimensions have been calculated, cut your fabric to those specifications and then cut the fabric down the middle to create 2 panels.

4 To create the seam, fold 1" worth of fabric towards the back and pin in place. Do this down both sides of both panels (don't do the tops or bottoms just yet!)

5 Cut a piece of fabric fusion tape the length of the panel. Remove the pins from one of the seams and place the tape under the fold.

6 Place the damp cotton dishtowel on top of the seam and place the iron on top of the fold, holding in place for 10 seconds as you make your way down the length of the seam. Flip the fabric and repeat the process on the other side. TIP: Make sure you check the tape instructions to see what setting you need to have the iron on!

7 Repeat this process on the remaining panel (Still leaving the tops and bottoms.)

8 And now the sides are completed, fold, pin, tape and iron a 1" hem on the top and bottom of both panels.

Simply clip your curtain rings to the top of the curtain panels, making sure they're evenly spaced, and slide onto the curtain rod. It's as easy as that!  

Happy crafting!