Make your own metallic trinket dish

Posted: 13th Aug 2019

Why not add some sparkle in the home with a nifty handmade metallic trinket dish?

This tutorial from Furniture Choice talks you through creating leaf-shaped ones in homage to the approach of autumn, but you could switch it up to suit any festivity. The beautiful organic shape and texture of these leaf-shaped metallic trinket dishes give off a homely vibe, while its metallic tone adds some glamour for an elegant seasonal update. Read on to create your very own leaf-shaped metallic trinket dish.

You will need:

Modelling clay
Rolling pin
Cooling rack
Metallic paint


1. Roll the clay out, then firmly press a leaf onto it so the veins are clearly imprinted.The goal is to really get all the organic textures and lines from the leaf onto the clay for a realistic effect. 

2. Next, use the scalpel to trim away excess clay following the leaf’s outline. Do this on a cutting board or some old newspaper to prevent from damaging your working surface. 

3. Using fingers, gently curl up the sides of the dish to form a shallow edge. Leave the trinket trays on a cooling rack overnight, so the clay can dry properly. 

4. Now for the final step - painting! Using a paintbrush, gently paint the trays your desired metallic tone. Then, return them to the cooling rack and leave to dry overnight again. Once completely dry, store jewellery, small fashion accessories, or even stationery in these elegant DIY metallic trinket trays. Perfect for adding shine to the home in autumn.

Tutorial courtesy of Furniture Choice