3 quick and easy DIY gift ideas for Mother's Day

Posted: 28th Mar 2019

If you're after a last minute Mother's Day gift, why not try making your own?

That's where these ideas from, Dobbies come in. They've partnered with expert interiors and garden stylist, Selina Lake, to come up with some tips for creating a simple and seasonal, yet showstopping Mother's Day gift...

1. Spring crate

Old wooden crates are ideal for this project although new crates will work just as well and will age a bit once they are outside in the elements. Your crate may need to be treated with a protective oil wood stain. If your crate has a slated bottom this is great for drainage if not you need to drill some holes for this. You will also need to line the crate with a black plant liner to stop the soil falling out of any holes, or cracks. Staple this in place. Then add a layer of broken terracotta pots or grit for drainage. Then fill with potting soil and plant a selection of Spring bulbs, with succulents filling any gaps. 

2. Teacup bulbs

Use a selection of vintage china, teacups, bowls or jugs and plant up with tete-tete daffodil bulbs. Top the vintage planters with a layer of moss.

3. Plant label gift tags

Add a personalised reusable gift tag to a spring planter for Mum, using slate plant labels, you can write your message using chalk and your Mum can re-use in the garden again and again.