Make it Monday: create your own word art

Posted: 14th Jan 2019

Are you looking for a way to add some wow factor to your home?

Well, why not make your own word art? It's a great way to give your home some truly unique art - and it's also incredibly easy to do!

All you need is to have a message in mind and some Duck Tape to hand and you're good to go, as this tutorial explains...

You will need

2 x A2 pieces of foam board or corrugated cardboard
Craft knife and cutting mat
2 x rolls of patterned Duck Tape


1. Start by choosing your word. Then draw it freehand or print the font and blow it up in size to A3. Once you’re happy with your letters, cut them out to create a template.

2. Arrange the letters on your foam or cardboard and use a craft knife to cut them out.

3. Tape the letters together then glue your work onto a second piece of foam or board and cut, to make it firmer.

4. Cover the word by putting tape around the edges - you will need to make snips in the tape and fold them over.

5. Cover the front and back with tape and trim any excess off using your craft knife.

6. Hang your sign using or prop on a shelf with some plants.

Tutorial courtesy of Duck Tape