Make your own festive pinecones

Posted: 18th Dec 2017

You will need

Sara Signature Traditional Christmas collection (please find this here)
Printable Light Card
Silver glitter snowflake shape
Polystyrene eggs
Sequin pins
Metallic thread
Hot-glue gun


1 Print a patterned paper from the Sara Signature Traditional Christmas collection on your CD onto a sheet of Printable Light Card (you can print and use two contrasting designs if you wish). Cut the sheet up into 1” squares by either using a guillotine, punch or die. One sheet should create enough squares to create one pinecone.

2 Take a square you’ve cut out in Step 1 and place it with the reverse white side facing you. Bring two adjacent corners of it towards the centre and fold them to create a point. Repeat this step with the remaining squares.

3 Pin four of the folded squares around the narrowest end of the polystyrene egg, ensuring that the points are placed together. Secure the folded squares by inserting a pin in the point and the top corners as shown.

4 Continue to pin more folded squares by working up from the previously pinned pieces up to the top to cover the polystyrene egg. Secure them by placing pins in the top corners and leave the points free to hang as they create the pinecone effect.

5 Die-cut a snowflake from silver glitter cardstock, thread a length of metallic thread through the centre of it and knot the ends together. Create a hole in the top of the polystyrene egg and push the knotted end into it, securing it with a touch of hot glue.

6 Push the die-cut snowflake down to the top of the polystyrene egg and embellish it as desired to add the perfect finishing touch to your pinecone!