Liz Lloyd’s designer-on-a-budget living room

Posted: 18th Jun 2015

You get to indulge a little for a big birthday. Go on holiday, buy posh jewellery, have the experience of a lifetime – but none of that interested Liz Lloyd. She knew exactly what she wanted for her 40th, and it was a pair of designer curtains for her living room makeover. With that blow-out buy, she kept costs down by upcycling old furniture, buying second-hand on eBay and even finding a savvy way to make the fabric for those infamous curtains go a little bit further. Read all about it in issue one of HomeStyle and meet the lady herself below.


“I’m Liz Lloyd and I live with my husband Tim and our children, Eddie, 7 and Catie, 5. Our home is a three-bedroom house in Ipswich, Suffolk.”



“The room was very dated, with an awful mishmash of very old furniture from previous houses, and all the woodwork was coated in a dark brown varnish. Plus, even though the curtains were to be a special treat for my birthday, I still couldn’t afford to buy enough of the fabric to have a full pleated pair made.”



“We sanded everything right back, which was quite tricky. Then we began painting. We even did the floors to help lighten the room and create a feeling of space. With the curtains, the shop worked out a different way to hang them that meant we wouldn’t need as many metres of fabric. Luckily it meant I could still have them!”



"Obviously the curtains inspired the whole look, but I really love my bookcase – it’s my best achievement! I’ve made something very practical look really beautiful.”

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