'My living space is an artful blend of styles'

Posted: 24th Nov 2017

When her partner moved in, Rita Misra called on the help of a creative friend to make their belongings work seamlessly together

A bit about me

Hello. I’m Rita Misra. I live with my partner, Dylan, and my one-year-old son, Rohan. Our home is a 1930s semi-detached house in Headingly, Leeds.

My problem living room

I inherited décor which was very dated and all of my possessions seemed completely lost in the room. When my partner Dylan moved in, I just didn’t know how to incorporate all of his furniture into the mix as well and I found myself at a loss.

How I made it work

My interior designer friend, Karen Knox from Making Spaces, was my saviour. I just loved her ideas, and the way that she is so passionate about home interiors. We met on Facebook and scheduled a get together. After coming to our house and seeing the living room with all of our belongings, she shared some really great ideas on how we could improve the space. Karen helped blend both my love of the eclectic and Dylan’s mid-century furniture together, adding personality to the interior of our home at the same time.

My favourite part

I love the way that the dark shade of teal on the walls draws the room together. It’s now a space that works well for all of us.

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