'Despite all its faults, we fell in love with it'

Posted: 20th Jun 2017

After six years of bare white walls and minimal décor, Pati Robins finally feels at home in her vibrant disabled-adapted house

A bit about me

I’m Pati Robins, and I’m married to Colin. We have a daughter, Olivia, who’s eight, and two gorgeous dogs.

Where I live

My home is a rented disabled-friendly two-bedroom house in Cardiff. It was built in the 70s, and we’ve lived here for 10 years.

What I wanted to change

The whole house was drab, dirty and covered in nicotine stains. I wanted a cosy, welcoming space that really felt like home.

How I made it my own

I combined high street finds with second-hand gems and hand-me-downs for a home that’s personal to us.

My favourite part

The living room. We eat, work, play and relax in there, and it’s full of all our favourite things. We love spending family time in there.

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Feature by Abbi Henderson / photos by Olly Gordon