10 signs you're a stationery addict

Posted: 28th Apr 2017

Lead image: Paperchase

This week is National Stationery Week, although if you're stationery addicts like us, chances are you already knew that. How do you know if you are such a person? Well, we've rounded up the ten classic indicators your love of all things paper and ink might have gone a little, er, far...

#1 There's no feeling better than that of opening a new notebook.

The smell, the feel, the sound of the pages... Heaven. That said, when you first get said notebook, you're a bit scared of using it, in case you make a - shudder - mistake.


#2 People assume you always want stationery - whether it be a notebook, a fancy new pen, a cute planner - for your birthday or Christmas.

Which you do, obviously.


#3 You look at new stationery ranges the way other people look at clothes.

SS18 notebooks are coming, people... Stop salivating.


#4 You once lost your favourite notebook.

You prepared yourself for heartbreak but luckily found it a week later - on your desk, in amongst a pile of other, less-loved notebooks.


#5 You don't understand people that chew pens or pencils.

Like, what? Why? Huh?


#6 You love January.

Sure, most people find that post-Christmas, mid-winter period kind-of depressing but to you, January represents the start of a new year - and a fresh new diary.  *drool*


#7 You're a fan of a good to-do list.

You have a to-do list pad, in fact (naturally). You've been known to add things you've already done to your lists just so you can have the shiver-inducing satisfaction of crossing them off.


#8 You probably have a huge collection of pens and pencils.

And yes, they're sorted by colour.


#9 You've invested - or at least, considered investing - in personalised stationery.

Sure, you don't actually write letters to anyone. Yet. One day, you'll persuade your friends to leave WhatsApp and start writing letters instead. In the meantime, your embossed, monogrammed paper and envelopes are displayed pride of place in your home.


#10 People refer to your love of stationery as a 'fetish'.