Three ways to style a storage basket

Posted: 11th Jul 2015

Luke Arthur Wells

Whenever I invest in something new for my home, I always take a minute to consider this: how versatile is it? After all, we’re a generation with a famously-short attention span and for lots of us, this follows through into our homes too.


So here’s the problem – when you decide you might want to change up your living space, you equally might not want to have to completely re-buy and replace everything in a room – while at the same time wanting to hold onto key pieces you continue to cherish. With a truly versatile piece of design, you’ll find that if you start to tire of what it’s doing in your home, it’ll have a secret second life, waiting for you to uncover it.


This time around, I’m going to look at a simple piece of storage. Let’s be honest, storage isn’t always particularly sexy. It finds its home in the practical part of our brains when we come to buy for our homes – often a necessity rather than a lust-worthy piece of design. However, when you find a beautiful accessory like a statement basket, you’ll see that having your sundries well-organised and out on display can be one of the prettiest parts of your home.


Lots of high street retailers have cottoned on to our blossoming love for organised spaces, so there’s plenty of gorgeous pieces for you to discover to meet your budget, but I’ve created three styling concepts for the ombre-inspired bamboo baskets you can find over on the Luke Arthur Wells website.


1 Creative spaces
In a home studio or workspace, keeping the important bits organised but at hand is all important, so baskets, trays and holders of all sizes will never go amiss. I find that if you love something enough to buy it, you’ll always find something to fill it. I use mine to keep recent issues of my favourite magazines where I can get at them easily.


Creative spaces


2 Changing rooms
It’s funny how simply moving an object from one room to another can completely change how you view it. Take this basket to the bathroom, and it’s the perfect receptacle for fresh towels. Likewise, it will happily hold your slippers come winter, wood logs by the fire or even as a toy tidy away. The possibilities are as big as you can imagine them.


Changing rooms


3 Mix it up
Nobody makes the rules for what your basket can be used for, so why not get creative? I love it as an alternative to a pot for indoor greenery, as it completely changes up the profile of a basic potted houseplant. 




Stay tuned for my next column in a few weeks' time, when I'll be styling up another piece of homeware in three totally different ways.