How to make rented accommodation your own

Posted: 28th Mar 2017

With restrictions on how you can decorate rental properties, it's sometimes hard to make them feel homely. After all, bare walls and generic carpets are hardly inspiring! But with more of us renting than ever before, it’s important that we find ways to stamp our own personalities on our rented homes to turn them into our own little havens! And that’s why we’ve caught up with Rachel Escott, Interiors Trend Guru at Red Candy, to get some tips on how to make your rented pad your own!

1. Cosy up

Adding soft furnishings is a brilliantly effective way of stamping your personality on your home. These soft touches and splashes of colour will instantly make a room feel homely, and will make up for those bare walls! Why not position a bold patterned rug in the centre of your living room, cover the old arm chair in a bright throw, or add some funky cushions to your bed?

2. Take the floor!

If your walls are out of bounds for displaying photo frames and art prints then make the most of your floor space! Free-standing storage solutions, such as bookcases and shelving units, will provide extra surfaces for homely touches such as photo frames, vases, and lamps.

3. Make a statement

But if you are lucky enough to have the odd wall hook in your rented property (some landlords will put them in as standard - if not, there’s no harm in asking!), then make the most of it with a bold statement piece! A vibrant piece of artwork, large statement wall clock, or huge collage photo display will make the other bare walls a moot point!


4. Turn your box room into a creative space

Crafting your box room or unused nook into your own little creative haven will make a big difference in making your rented accommodation feel more like home. You could turn it into a home office, reading corner or even a mini man cave!

5. Light work

Another example of “making the most of what you’ve got” is maximising the lighting fixtures in your home. Now is the time to indulge the side of you that actually quite fancies having a bold, outlandish lampshade - one which would usually clash with patterned wallpaper! And since lighting quite literally lightens the mood, don’t forget to add some desk and table lamps too!

6. Invite nature in

Treating your flat to a bunch of flowers or a house plant will give it some much-needed TLC! Plants instantly breathe new life into a room, and bring a bit of nature into your living space. We love the current terrarium trend - these mini eco-systems are particularly great if you don’t have a garden to enjoy.

7. Hold the phone!

No, we don’t mean your smart phone! For some reason, having a landline phone and a fixed telephone number makes places seem like a more permanent home. After all, nothing says “homely” like being snuggled up on the sofa chatting to an old friend on the old dog and bone!

8. Temporary wall décor

If you really can’t abide bare walls, then temporary décor solutions such as wall stickers and temporary wallpaper are well worth considering! And it’s also worth having a look at your contract, as some landlords will allow you to paint walls as long as they are repainted in neutral tones when you move out. Again - it’s always worth asking!

9. Find your theme

And last but not least… giving your rooms a theme will instantly make them feel more complete and therefore homely. Why not experiment with one of the hot upcoming trends for 2017, such as pastel colours and tropical leaf designs? Accessories are key - so make you bring your lighting, cushions and ornaments in line with your chosen theme.

“An Englishman's (rental) home is his castle”

The phrase “An Englishman's home is his castle” perfectly encapsulates the strong emphasis we put on the home as the hub of our happiness and wellbeing. But this is also the very essence of our anxiety about not feeling completely “at home” in rental properties.

But - as the tips above have hopefully shown - just because you don’t own the place you’re currently residing in, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own! The home is a place where we should feel relaxed, creative and happy - and Generation Rent shouldn’t be missing out!


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