Revealed: Apple's latest iOS emoji update

Posted: 7th Nov 2019

Take a look at all the new emojis in Apple’s autumn 2019 update…


From low-key sarcasm to sexual innuendos, emojis have officially become a language of their own used by millions of smartphone users all over the world.

Gone are the days of brb, g2g, and bf4l… nowadays if you don’t say it with an emoji, it’s barely worth saying.

Well, it’s good news for tech lovers, because Apple has released a brand new set of emojis with its latest iOS 13.2 software update!

Including an orangutan, a white heart, ballet shoes and a variety of gender-neutral and disabled emojis, the new update is ready to download along with the latest Apple software, all you need to do is head to your iPhone’s settings.

Take a look and see which emojis you can expect to find in the latest update…


Image courtesy of Apple


The new update was released at the end of October and includes 3,175 emojis, some new, some changed, and some removed.

New facial additions include a yawn emoji – perfect for expressing your tiredness or boredom – as well as a new hearing aid sign, a prosthetic arm and leg, and a Ziggy Stardust-inspired green pop icon.



There are some new food and animal emojis to use as well, including possibly the cutest otter in the world.

This cheeky chappie is one of seven new animal emojis, others being an orangutan, two service dogs, a sloth, skunk and a fabulous flamingo!



The new update has also gone a long way to improve the representation of gender-neutral, and disabled users.

iPhone users will now be able to access emojis such as a blind person, a person in an electric and manual wheelchair, a prosthetic arm and leg, and the American sign language gesture for a deaf person, all in a variety of skin tones and hair colours.



To get your hands on the latest set of emojis, all you need to do is download the latest iOS 13.2 update on an Apple device.


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