5 ways to embrace Wabi-Sabi within your home

Posted: 8th Aug 2019

Wabi-Sabi is currently enjoying its moment in the spotlight

Originating from an ancient Japanese ideal that stems from 960-1279, it's all about challenging the role of beauty, and letting nature enjoy itself. In short, let any of those incomplete designs, dents and uneven shapes go with the flow.

To provide you with a helping hand, we've spoken to The Lighting Superstore, to discuss exactly how you can embrace the Wabi-Sabi style within your home.

1. Decluttering

Wabi-Sabi is more encompassing than an interiors trend - instead, it's a way of life. The first step in embracing this is to declutter. The philosophy discourages a throwaway attitude - instead, a clutter-less approach is the one to take, promoting a minimalist way of thinking. Strip out anything that's unnecessary and instead, feel content with exactly what you have.

While the two styles are not directly linked, the KonMari method is a great starting space when you're looking to declutter. It presents you with an ideal way of detoxing your clothes and books, along with miscellaneous and sentimental items. After these are out of the way, start looking at the bigger pieces.

To start, remove the furnishings that don't have a particular purpose or meaning - it's then time to chuck out anything that you feel is a bit impersonal.

Unwanted clothes can then be used to create something that's a bit more meaningful for either yourself or a loved one, so simply repurpose a new item of clothing or create soft furnishings. There's then the chance to receive leftover items or pieces of material for a charity shop that needs to be re-sold.

2. Perfecting imperfections

Wabi-Sabi is all about encouraging individuality, so you get to appreciate the worn elements of your possessions, as opposed to aiming to achieve the perfect home. Flaws are symbolic of the passing of time and loving use, representing the many cherished stories and memories used along the way.

Don't throw out your favourite old blanket - instead, savour or re-purpose your items.

3. Natural

When you're after a Wabi-Sabi inspired makeover, you could always buy a second-hand or hand-made item - it's ideal for achieving them instantly. Wabi-Sabi favours fewer, more long-lasting items that you can repair easily - therefore, if you want to buy new items, it's worth looking to invest in soft furnishings, furniture and kitchenware that has bene made from natural materials.

4. Outside it goes

After Wabi-Sabi is in the inner-crux of your home, take it outside to ensure your garden gets a new lease of life. Certain plants, including the Yucca, Japanese Pieris and Variegated Red-Twig Dogwood are all able to adapt and change as the year progresses, providing you with a new aesthetic throughout the season.

If your garden doesn't need an update, think carefully about adding houseplants into your living room and kitchen - it's a great way to freshen up your space.

5. Personal touch

You want things to have a meaning when you have a Wabi-Sabi infused home - personal touches are key here. At the core are family photos in wooden frames, along with sentimental items - each tell their own story and have a personal connection. You should also keep your furniture and accessories that have been passed down through the years - while they could feel on their way out, these are the items that have been used by your nearest and dearest.