Revealed: the average young homeowner has 7 DIY tasks on the go

Posted: 6th Aug 2019

We're all for a spot of multi-tasking but even we have to admit to feeling exhausted at the prospect of having seven DIY jobs on the go

Yet it's been revealed that young homeowners (18-34) are going DIY crazy, with an average of seven tasks on the go at any given time.

The study from Anglian Home Improvements also found that while 25-34 year-olds will simultaneously have several DIY jobs on the go, they still end up struggling to finish off the smaller jobs. This is due to a range of factors, including lacking the time (41 per cent), enthusiasm (36 per cent) and money (29 per cent).

In comparison, the older age groups try smaller tasks, with 35-44 year-olds and 44-54 year-olds having three and four projects on the go at a time instead.

The 15 main jobs Brits carry out are:

1. Marked walls
2. Stained carpet
3. Peeling paint
4. Un-hung picture
5. Worn away/missing grouting
6. Squeaky floorboards
7. Mould
8. Peeling wallpaper
9. Leaking/dripping taps
10. Blown light bulb
11. Cracked/missing tiles
12. Broken toilet flush
13. Hole in wall
14. Broken lock
15. Loose/exposed wires

It was also revealed that the younger homeowners have splashed out more on their home improvement projects in the last 12 months, rising to £561.48 in comparison to the national average of £357.75.

Costas Kariolis, Head of Digital Marketing at Anglian Home Improvements, said: "It’s really positive to see that so many homeowners are currently improving their homes and undertaking smaller DIY projects."

"With the good weather and upcoming bank holiday next month it’s an ideal time to be getting on top of the odd jobs around the home. Our advice for homeowners would be to not take on too much at once and try to focus on completing one project at a time."