The pillow could become our most indispensable health tool

Posted: 9th Jul 2019

It's been predicted that our pillows will become an indispensable health tool over the next 20 years

Future gazers have suggested that the pillow is going to become an indispensable health gadget in the next two decades, tracking sleep quality and snoring habits (not that any of us snore, of course…), while helping to tackle anxiety and monitor health issues.

In fact, these advances have already started, with anti-snore technology and Bluetooth speakers just some of the add-ons we're beginning to see in our pillows.

The purpose of the study, conducted by pillow specialist nanu, was to identify just how far the industry will be pushing bedtime tech in the near future.

And it seems the answer is quite far - the inhouse team have predicted that among other things, we'll finally be able to enjoy the 'cold side of the pillow' throughout the night, as it becomes possible to set the temperature of our pillow – pretty decent, eh?

There would also be sophisticated health monitors that track our wellness levels, including sleep quality, volume, and regulating both the snoring and resting heart rate.

This could also become a health and wellness asset, as the industry infuses materials with the necessary ingredients to provide benefits for a good night's sleep.

The qualities play a crucial role in transforming our pillows into anti-anxiety devices, something which is crucial when you consider the figures released from the Mental Health Foundation that revealed 8.2 million Brits battle anxiety each year.

It's also been predicted that we'll start to invest in our pillows more, as we'll expect these benefits as a standard. This is primarily driven by the way we view sleep as being so important - the study found Brits would happily spend £50 for the perfect sleep, while mums would go up to £123.

Commenting on the findings was Jamie Moryoussef, spokesperson for nanu’s inhouse development team, who said: "Seemingly everyday items are becoming ever more sophisticated and our pillows are no different to this. In just 20 years, something that’s seemingly ordinary could in fact become an invaluable tool. We’re already offering personalised pillows, but I think this is just the beginning and it’s exciting to see where our industry is headed as new technology, materials and processes continue to be developed."