4 ways to add some Art Deco style

Posted: 26th Oct 2019

If you love all things 1930s, listen up... 

1. Not everyone is blessed with an Art Deco home, but you can bring elements of the era into any home. Take inspiration from Prohibition era bars, decadent cruise ships and old-style cinemas to add a bit of Gatsby glamour into your décor.

2. Geometric lines and hexagonal shapes are a key motif of the Art Deco era. There are no shortage of Expert advice homewares, from cushions to wallpaper, that features such designs. Picking a daring wallpaper can also be a great starting point for your scheme. 

3. A luxe finish is a must, so consider materials such as marble, reflective surfaces, velvet and walnut to bring a sumptuous feel to your home. 

4. When it comes to furniture, opt for inlaid drawers, sofas with curved arms and folding screens. It doesn’t have to be pastiche, so if you just fancy a nod to the era, frame pictures of Hollywood icons for a glamorous gallery wall.

Feature and styling by Karen Wilson / photos by Katie Lee