'My home has a laid-back boho feel'

Posted: 19th Aug 2019

From white walls and wood floors to houseplants and rattan, Antonia Kiddy has let her relaxed style gradually take over her coastal home

A bit about me

I’m Antonia Kiddy and I live here with my husband Sam and our two boys.

Where I live

Our home is a three-storey, 1930s house in Torquay, Devon. We’ve lived here since 2013.

What I wanted to change

The whole interior was just so dated and tired, from the shag pile carpets and flowery wallpapers, to the gloomy kitchen and avocado bathroom suite – it all had to go!

How I made it my own

I started with white walls and wood floors and then just added things I love, like rattan furniture, ethnic patterns, houseplants and lots of mementos from our travels.

My favourite part

I love relaxing in the sitting room with Sam with lots of candles and fairy lights, once the boys are in bed.

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Feature by Annabelle Grundy / photos by Colin Poole