The 4 steps to restoring original floorboards

Posted: 5th Jun 2019

Find out how you can restore floorboards to add character to your home 

1. National chain HSS Hire offers a floor and edge sander weekend hire package for £54.60. You may need a corner sander too. Don’t forget dust masks, knee pads, ear plugs and gloves for ripping up carpets.

2. Once the carpet’s up, you’ll need to sweep the floor and check for any damaged boards. Try to replace them with reclaimed wood where possible, as it’ll blend in better. Hammer down any protruding nails, fill in gaps with wood filler and seal doors with plastic sheeting before you start sanding. 

3. Start with a coarse or medium paper and move it diagonally across the floorboards, lifting the drum before you turn. Repeat the process, but this time moving along the grain, and finally repeat with a fine paper. Then it’s time for the edging sander and the corner sander. 

4. After a good sweep or vacuum and a wipe down with methylated spirits, you’ll need two or three coats of your chosen varnish.

Feature and styling by Karen Wilson / photos by Karen Lee