Red revealed to be the nation's most popular bedroom colour

Posted: 23rd May 2019

What colour do you have on your bedroom walls? Are you happy with it?

A study looked into just that and revealed Brits are mainly turning to red, with 58 per cent admitting they love the colour.

The research, carried out by Rest Assured, uncovered the top 10 shades we're using in our bedrooms, along with our general attitude towards them.

Interestingly, it was the bolder shades, including red and pink, that came out on top - however, these weren't chosen because Brits necessarily consider them to be relaxing and restful. Instead, this accolade went to shades like green, while pink also proved to be popular in this regard.

The top 10 colour schemes in UK bedrooms are:

1. Red
2. Pink
3. Soft green
4. Dark green
5. Purple
6. Orange
7. Light blue
8. Lilac
9. Dark blue
10. Yellow

When it came to changing the colour of their bedroom, pink proved particularly popular with respondents, followed by yellow. This trend pointed to the nation starting to move away from neutral, 'safe' shades, as we instead opted for warm colours which can help to raise a room's energy levels.

The study was supported by leading international colour expert, Karen Haller, who said: "Our home is our sanctuary; we want something to come back to that welcomes us home."

"If you love your home, your home will love you back, so in today’s fast-paced world, it’s more important than ever to surround yourself with colours you love and things that bring you joy."

She added: "Soft green is a restful, restorative colour and the hue requires very little adjustment of the eye to take in, reinforcing that the colour rests the body, mind and spirit."