9 simple tips to try to help you live more sustainably

Posted: 21st May 2019

We're all looking for ways to live in a more sustainable and energy efficient way

But it's one thing having good intentions - it's another to do them. For many, it's not knowing what we can actually do to achieve this that proves to be a roadblock - that's where these tips from TV presenter Helen Skelton come in...

1. Instead of buying the standard type, start looking for sustainable toilet paper, kitchen towels and pocket tissues. These are made from bamboo and have recyclable packaging too.

2. It can be tempting to enjoy a long, powerful shower, but shorter showers could be the way to go. Not only are these more energy efficient and use less water, but having regular, long hot showers can also dry out your skin. Instead, keep it short and sweet.

3. Keep an eye on your fridge. Did you know an empty fridge can use more energy than a full fridge? So, keep it well stocked! Even filling the empty space with bottles of tap water will be better than nothing.

4. Have you ever considered a smart meter? It lets you see your energy usage in real time, which can persuade you to start making some small changes.

5. A slow cooker is a great way to save energy - it helps you create a delicious meal with barely any effort. You can pretty much chuck everything in before heading out and then, by the time you're back, a delicious feast will await you.

6. There’s nothing stopping you from making a delicious cake in a microwave. It's quick and requires less energy than the oven.

7. Upcycling is a great activity to try. Are you thinking of throwing out an old wooden chair? Well, don't! Instead, repaint it, and give yourself your own, stunning piece of furniture.

8. It's easy to get into the habit of leaving your phone on to charge overnight, but as well as being a waste of energy, it's also bad for the battery life. Instead, leave it to charge during the day and keep checking to see if it's full. You should also avoid leaving any appliances on standby, as this consumes energy too.

9. We're a nation that relies on tea but make sure you avoid overfilling the kettle! If you're only making a cup for yourself, don't fill it for more than one cup - simple.

Helen Skelton has partnered with Smart Energy GB to encourage the nation to get a smart meter.