4 ways to create a Mid-Century inspired look

Posted: 21st May 2019

Achieve a consistent Mid-Century inspired look by giving these tips a try!

1. Mid-Century is all about statement design pieces, so take time researching brands and furniture and plan décor and room layout around them. Keep it simple, vintage is all about clean lines and wood. 

2. Invest in timeless well-made furniture. There are many places to source and check out average prices – websites such as Preloved and Gumtree, plus auction sites such as eBay are a good place to start, but make sure you read the description and look closely at photos. 

3. Look out for a manufacturer’s mark or badge and don’t always be deterred by furniture that looks a little worse for wear – it can be a good way to pick up a bargain to upcycle.

4. Don’t be afraid to use subtle pops of bright colour around the house. Even homes with a simple monochromatic Scandi colour palette can be given a little more interest by adding a splash of Mid-Century paint colours in the right places.

Feature and styling by Renee Green / photos by David Giles