Buying a house - the true mark of adulthood?

Posted: 16th May 2019

What purchase have you made that left you feeling like a grown up?

Well, new research from has investigated it, and revealed three quarters (73 per cent) felt that it wasn't until they bought a house that they'd finally made it to adulthood.

It also found that Brits were most likely to feel like they had matured into adulthood by the time they reached 31.

After asking adults what purchase they thought was a mark of being a grown up, 41 per cent said it was be getting their first car, while for 36 per cent, it was a washing machine.

For three in ten (34 per cent), it was a dishwasher, perhaps thanks to the prospect of no longer having to face the chore of washing up each night.

For 32 per cent, buying a coffee machine was considered the sign that you were now, officially, an adult - a sign that we're embracing our caffeine addiction as a sign of maturing?

Commenting on it, Mark Kelly, marketing manager at, said: "Becoming a homeowner is an exciting time for anyone and in most cases, is the biggest purchase anyone will ever make. As our research has revealed, many Brits feel the purchase of their first home is a defining marker of adulthood, though I was surprised to see that some of the more regular household items such as coffee machines and irons to have been chosen by those surveyed."

"It was really interesting to see from the findings that 31 is the age that Brits said they felt like they’d reached adulthood. Of course, we’re legally adults on our eighteenth birthday, though it’s clear that many Britons don’t class themselves as having reached adulthood until they feel they’ve matured more."

"It’s clear that it’s not just homes and cars that are important adulthood milestones for Brits, with the purchase of household items being more important to many."

The top 10 purchases British people believe define adulthood:

1. A House - 73%
2. A Car - 41%
3. Washing machine - 36%
4. Dishwasher - 34%
5. Coffee machine - 32%
6. Lawnmower - 31%
7. Iron - 28%
8. Vacuum Cleaner - 22%
9. TV Licence - 18%
10. Oven - 15%