10 flowers to use to create an Insta-worthy interior

Posted: 13th May 2019

We're always looking for ways to create an Instagrammable interior

One standout way to create a colourful home is by using flowers. With the botanical trend showing no sign of going anywhere, a nice selection can provide you with an effortlessly seasonal, on point update.

In short, if you're after a way of creating your own Instagrammable interior, flowers could be the way to go.

But which ones are the most popular? Well, SerenataFlowers.com, the UK's leading online florist, has looked into it, studying hashtags to reveal what the world's most Instagrammed flowers are.

Many won't be surprised to hear it's the rose that comes out on top, with the hashtag '#rose' being used an amazing 32 million times on the social media platform. Maybe a vase of roses could be the finishing touch your sideboard needs?

The flower has undergone a huge rise since October 2016, with the hashtag tripling in use, as it rose from the 10.9 million which it stood at three years ago.

Coming in second place was the cherry blossom, which has had nearly seven million uploads. The flower has delicate pink hues which are only visible during early Spring for around a week per year.

Following this in third place were tulips (5.5 million) - a selection of brilliant colours come out here, and could be the ideal way of brightening up a windowsill, of give your table a centrepiece.

Perhaps it's your garden that needs some cheerful vibes injected? In that case, how about sunflowers (5 million)? 

Commenting on the results was Lucia Polla, marketing manager at SerenataFlowers.com, who said: "I suspect roses will always remain firmly at the top of the list when it comes to the most popular flowers. Trends come and go, for example in recent years we’ve seen a rise in demand for British flowers and exotic flower varieties, but roses have been given as a symbol of love for centuries and offer such charm and beauty it’s easy to see why so many Instagram users feel compelled to photograph them."

The top 10 most Instagrammed flowers are:

1. #rose – 32,230,239
2. #cherryblossom - 6,902,637
3. #tulip - 5,510,760
4. #sunflower - 5,017,926
5. #daisy - 4,261,896
6. #orchid - 3,019,203
7. #lily - 2,825,846
8. #hydrangea - 2,079,882
9. #peonies - 2,006,050
10. #iris - 1,632,902