4 ways to add colour on a budget

Posted: 13th May 2019

Be brave with colour for a stylish home!

1. Use tester pots of paint to upcycle furniture and accessories. If using matt emulsion on high traffic areas, seal with a clear varnish to protect it. 

2. Houseplants can transform your home, they add colour and texture and make it feel more homely and lived in. Combine them with faux styles too.

3. A gallery wall is an easy way to fill your home with lots of personality and colour. And picture shelves are great for displaying all sorts of things. Don’t be limited to frames, postcards and children’s artwork can also look great. 

4. Use books as a styling tool. Create a rainbow bookshelf of colourful paperbacks or stack books in twos or threes on open-shelving or a low coffee table to add colour to a scheme. Choose similar shades which will work with your current set-up. Place a plant or trinket dish on top to elevate them.

Feature and styling by Suzie Attaway / photos by Olly Gordon