4 ways to bring the outdoors in this spring

Posted: 10th May 2019

As the slowly move into warmer temperatures, many of us will be dreaming of spending balmy summer’s days in the garden

However, as the recent rainfall shows, the British weather can be an unpredictable beast (although a great talking point), meaning we don't always get to spend as much time outdoors as we may like.

However, there's a way around this, and it's incredibly simple - bring the outdoors in!

So, how do you go about achieving this? Well, we've chatted to Midlands-based interior design studio, Cream & Black, who explain all you could need to know...

1. Natural views

Start maximising the way you use the windows. They're a key design feature in the room, and an important way of bringing the outdoors in.

In fact, it could be worth giving your room's layout a refresh, as this ensures you're bringing in as much light as possible. For instance, make sure your curtains are not blocking half the window.

2. Faux step

Nowadays, you can find a wide range of realistic looking faux plants and flowers, which not only provide that green touch to your interiors, but also gives them a contemporary touch too.

A benefit of faux foliage is it doesn't require any upkeep, and ensures your room maintains a fresh look all year. Don't feel limited to only using them on tables, windowsills or shelves either - why not hang them from the ceiling as well? They can be put at differing heights to provide both variety and depth.

3. Natural approach

Another step is to bring in natural materials – for example, wood, rattan, wicker and terracotta. These are incredibly effective when you want to breath some new life into your interiors, creating a calming, tactile zone. Then, you can balance the gap between harder and softer surfaces by using different textures and tones - for instance, natural grain can create a subtle movement.

Image: Bloomingville Water Hyacinth Log Store - Natural (left) / Faux Combe Lily Bunch by Willow Crossley for OKA (right)

4. Green theme

What you put on the walls, your choice of fabrics and the artwork will all be used to bring in a sense of the outdoors.

For instance, give leafy and flowery foliage a go, opt for patterns which feature wildlife designs, and try using stone and brick-effect patterns. Colour can then be used to mimic the colour schemes of the natural world - you could try layering bright colours or floral designs with green sofas and chairs or put a flower design rug in the centre of the room.