4 ways to stylishly hang pictures

Posted: 16th May 2019

Make sure to nail your choice of gallery wall

1. Be careful to keep the frames spatially related to, and in proportion with a piece of furniture in the room such as a sofa or sideboard. Measure the width you want to stick to.

2. Match the size of the picture to the size of the wall – avoid hanging a small picture by itself on a large expanse of wall space. If creating a gallery wall, mix up frames, colours and sizes to make the collection really pop. We love the idea of combining white and black frames for a contemporary feel. 

3. An easy picture hanging hack is to apply a piece of masking tape to the wall before you drill or hammer in a nail. This stops the plaster or mortar from crumbling and making a huge mess and a large hole in the wall.

4. Use adhesive picture hooks to temporarily hang lightweight artwork to painted walls and make sure to position them away from direct sunlight – if they are exposed for a long time they could fade. Command strips are a real lifesaver.

Feature and styling by Suzie Attaway / photos by Olly Gordon