This is the reason Brits hate sleeping away from home...

Posted: 8th May 2019

It's always hard to sleep in a bed that's not yours - and now it's been proven, officially

Research has been conducted, and found millions of Brits struggle to spend a night away from home, typically waking up feeling incredibly rough if they do

The study revealed two in five Brits essentially 'dread' having to stay away from home, simply because they know they'll fail to sleep as well as they would in the comfort of their own bed.

However, it's not only a fear of sleeping badly that puts Brits off - other fears include being 'in the way', having a bad mattress, and the risk of waking their host in the middle of the night.

Having to see awkward arguments, along with waking too early, are factors that all weigh heavily too.

Commenting on the study was Steve Reid, CEO of sleep tech company Simba, which commissioned the study. Reid said: "A great stay with friends is a fragile thing, easily disrupted by the smallest thing like a failure of etiquette, or even a poor night’s sleep."

"Many of our anxieties regarding staying over with friends stem from worrying about sleeping arrangements, and it should be important to host’s that their guests sleep with comfort and support, to ensure they wake up on the right side."

The poll of 2,000 adults also found that it's breaking the routine that nearly half of the nation doesn’t like, as they don't enjoy not having a bed to sleep in.

On top of this, 73 per cent said they have had a bad night's sleep, brought about by sleeping on an uncomfortable guest bed. To avoid hurting their feelings, 54 per cent have said they ended up fibbing to their host, telling them they slept well, simply to avoid upsetting them.

Feeling pressured to ensure their guests sleep well, one in seven homeowners will buy a mattress topper, to get more from it, while 16 per cent thought they needed to replace the sheets. Impressively, over one in 10 think they would ultimately even replace the mattress.

Yet despite this, we still have our reasons to enjoy doing this - the best bit is, understandably, getting to visit the host, along with the excitement of being away from home. Equally understandably is the one in 10 who enjoy the chance to have a break, along with being waited on both hand and foot.

The top 10 guest anxieties when away are:

1. Invading their space / being in the way
2. Disturbing their sleep during the night by going to the toilet or getting a glass of water
3. Getting a good night's sleep
4. Being too cold or too hot
5. Not having a proper or comfortable bed to stay in
6. Waking them up in the morning
7. Disrupting their daily plans
8. Overstaying your welcome
9. Not having the right duvet or amount of pillows
10. Disrupting their shower schedule