5 ways to improve your bedroom's Feng Shui

Posted: 8th May 2019

Are you struggling to sleep at night? Well, Feng Shui could be the solution

Feng Shui explains how the placement of objects and energy flow can help to promote both good health and wellbeing - so, could it be the secret to improving the quality of your night's sleep too?

Well, Neil Robinson, Chief Sleep Officer at Sealy UK, is on hand with his top tips to explain how you can create your very own sleep haven...

1. Wall to headboard

For many of us, having a headboard against the wall is necessary - however, for those of you with a stand-alone bed, it could be time to take note. Placing your bed against a supportive wall is crucial to having a strong, protective force around the bed, as this will creates good energy as you sleep.

2. Symmetrical style

When you're looking to balance energy, having symmetry on either side of the bed is key. For instance, have two bed-side tables - not just one. You also want to make sure your bed is accessible on both sides, instead of simply having a single side against the wall, as this ensures the energy levels are kept in check and grounded.

3. Cushion control

Are you a fan of decorative cushions? They can be a great way of creating a luxurious impression. However, there's a downside - they actually cause bad Feng Shui. Instead of this, create a positive energy by sticking to a single cushion, ideally in a calming, pastel shade.

4. Decluttering

It's hard to relax when you're surrounded by clutter - it's a sure way to disrupt your bedroom's energy flow. One of the key notions of Feng Shui is the idea that Chi energy needs to be able to circulate freely - and yes, that includes under the bed too. Move anything that is stored under your bed into cupboards, and then tidy up any items that could be lying around on the floor.

5. Door location

A crucial factor that needs to be considered when thinking about Feng Shui is where the bed is located in connection with the door. You need to make sure the bed doesn't directly face the door, as this is believed to be the idea of going 'feet first' - nice. You also want to avoid having the bed against the same wall, as this can leave you feeling threatened during the night.

In fact, the best place to put your bed is the 'command position' - this will let you see the door when you lay in bed, but you're neither directly in line with it, in front of it, nor adjacent to it.