5 affordable ways to spruce up your home this spring

Posted: 29th Apr 2019

Are you looking for some affordable ways to spruce up your home this spring?

Well, regardless of whether you're planning to make small or large-scale changes, there will be some cheap ways to achieve this. In fact, the experts at John Pye Auctions are sharing their tips for ways to revamp your home, regardless of your budget...

Research that was conducted as part of National Home Improvement Month revealed only 31 per cent of Brits love their home, whilst 10 per cent actually feel embarrassed by theirs, and shockingly, nine per cent feel ashamed of theirs.

So, if you're after ways to improve your home, whilst sticking to a particular budget, an auction could be the way to go, as we find out here...

1. Designer furniture, affordable prices

A great way to make a big impact in the living room will be a new sofa. Picking a striking new colour or a daring pattern is a clever way to give your room a new look and feel, so don't be afraid of going bold. Cushions are also ideal for injecting your home with luxury and comfort, which can then be switched around easily to compliment the season.

There are hundreds of sofas available at auction every week, and as such, it’s possible to nab a bargain at a fraction of the retail price.

2. Upcycle vintage style

You never know what you could come across at auction - if you're lucky, you could find a retro piece. All you need to do is show them a bit of TLC, or if you feel particularly daring, why not try upcycling? It's quick and easy to do, using some brightly coloured paints, while statement handles, and chairs are also easy to re-upholster with more modern fabrics.

3. Personalise and accessorise

A great way to bring a touch of nature into our interiors? Houseplants! A colourful vase and pot will go a long way to giving you a brilliant way of showing off plants in the best light, providing a touch of colour to your surroundings, while also giving you a great sense of wellbeing.

4. Creative storage

A big interiors trend that has emerged over the past few years is a desire for creative, yet attractive methods to declutter our home. There are some interesting pieces to consider here, including vintage luggage trunks, wooden barrels and even wicker baskets. Not only do they look stylish, but they also offer necessary storage space for hiding away day-to-day clutter.

5. Entertain outside

Your garden is essentially another room, albeit one which is left alone over the winter months. Yet even carrying out a little bit of work will make a big difference and is well worth the effort when you get around to spending time in your garden. If you only have a limited space to work with - for instance, a patio garden or balcony - you'll be able to find some suitable space, including from space-saving planters, tables and chairs.            

And then there's the issue of a barbecue! This can be viewed as a luxury item by many, thanks to their price tag, yet in reality, can often be found at auction, where they're heavily discounted.