10 easy home cleaning hacks to try this week

Posted: 18th Mar 2020

With millions of us currently working from home, cancelling outings and generally trying to stay indoors as much as possible, we're spending more time in our homes than ever before - and if you're anything like us, that means you'll have noticed everything that could do with a clean and polish.

Giving your home a Spring clean isn't only a useful way to pass the time - a fresh and tidy environment will help you stay focussed and positive, whether you're working from home or looking after family. And with hygiene at the forefront of everyone's mind, a deep clean gives you peace of mind that your home is as healthy as it can be.

However, cleaning is still a chore for many of us! So anything that can make an unpleasant task that bit easier is always welcomed and encouraged. Here's out 10-step guide to 

1. The oven

If you have any stubborn stains, there's no need to turn to harsh chemicals. Instead, mix white wine vinegar with baking soda to create a paste. Then, simply spread it over the inside of your oven and glass door.

Make sure you leave it for at least 30 minutes, but if you can, give it overnight. Then, simply wipe it clean!

2. The ironing

Take your ironing board cover off and spread some tin foil over the board, tucking it underneath, before replacing the cover. The foil will now reflect heat back onto the underside of your garments, essentially creating a second iron.

3. The dishes

When you're cleaning your dishes, work from the cleanest to the dirtiest in the following order: glasses, cutlery, plates, pots and pans.

4. The windows

Spray your window with some cleaning spray, before wiping away excess moisture with kitchen towel. Then buff it dry with a coffee filter.

5. Dusting non-fabric blinds

This clever hack will let you clean both sides at the same time. Wrap a microfiber cloth around a set of kitchen tongs, then wrap a tumble dryer sheet around the microfiber cloth. This can be secured with elastic bands, before sweeping them across each horizontal blind to get rid of any dust on both sides.

6. Unclog the sink

Pour a cup of baking soda down the sink and leave it for an hour. Then, boil three cups of white vinegar and pour this down the sink too. The fizzing will help you remove any build-up of grime.

7. The laundry

After adding the detergent, add a capful of white vinegar into the drum too. This helps the colours to stay bold and whitens your white.

8. Cleaning the fridge / freezer

Any brown stains in a fridge can be caused by dirt, rust and food residue - however, rubbing some baking soda over these marks helps them to leave. It also reduces their appearance and removes any bad odours.

9. Toilet cleaning

Add some white vinegar to the cistern, while pouring some into the bowl - give it a scrub! Then, soak some kitchen roll in vinegar and push this beneath the toilet's rim. Leave this for 15 minutes and then remove the kitchen roll and flush. The vinegar removes odours and ensures they keep the bowl spotless without harsh or overwhelming chemicals, while the vinegar in the cistern keeps them clean with every flush.

10. Changing the bed in less than five minutes

- Put your duvet on top of the duvet cover inside out. Then, roll the two together to create a sausage shape.

- Place your hands in the open end of the duvet cover, into the corners, and then grab the end of the duvet and grab the roll too.

- Pulling the whole lot through, it will then be time to turn over and close the cover's end. Now, it should still be sausage shaped, but the duvet will be enclosed within the cover.

- The other end is simply tucked inside the roll - pull that out on both ends so you're separating the top and bottom ends of the duvet and unroll!