Revealed: the nation's most hated cleaning chores

Posted: 25th Apr 2019

Cleaning - it's a task you either love or loath

Now, a survey from tombola has revealed how long Brits are spending cleaning each week, along with exactly how we feel about it.

38 per cent of Brits were found to spend one to two hours doing their chores each week, while 28 per cent of us committed to at least three hours a week.

Eight per cent said they consider cleaning a great way to de-stress, while two per cent feel inspired by TV shows, bloggers and influencers. On top of this, one in five said they clean not only get rid of dirt and germs, but also to make them feel happy.

On top of this, one in eight (12 per cent) said they end up spending around £30 each month purchasing cleaning products.

Yet while some of us clean for enjoyment, it's safe to say that not every task is a popular one...

In fact, the 10 most-hated chores are:

1. Cleaning the oven - 35.20 per cent
2. Ironing - 13.90 per cent
3. Washing / drying dishes - 9.20 per cent
4. Cleaning the windows - 6 per cent
5. Dusting the blinds - 5.8 per cent
6. Unclogging the sink - 4.2 per cent
7. Doing the laundry - 4 per cent
8. Cleaning fridge / freezer - 3.8 per cent
9. Scrubbing the toilet - 3.6 per cent
10. Changing the bed sheets - 3.1 per cent

In comparison, the most loved chore was vacuuming - 28 per cent of Brits said this was the task they most enjoyed doing.

Brits then ranked the most time consuming chores, rating them 1 to 10 in order of the time they took...

1. Doing laundry (time spent: 65 mins)
2. Washing / drying dishes (time spent: 53 mins)
3. Ironing (time spent: 34 mins)
4. Scrubbing the toilet (time spent: 32 mins)
5. Cleaning the windows (time spent: 23 mins)
6. Cleaning the fridge / freezer (time spent: 22 mins)
7. Unclogging the sink (time spent: 18 mins)
8. Dusting the blinds (time spent: 16 mins)
9. Changing the bed sheets (time spent: 10 mins)
10. Cleaning the oven (time spent: seven mins)