5 ways to create your own zoned garden

Posted: 25th Apr 2019

As the spring and summer months take over, our outside spaces are starting to take on a newfound importance, as we look to make the most of our own spots to enjoy the sunshine

Are you wondering what you can do to unlock your garden's potential and make the most of your space? Well, garden zoning could be the solution - it's a great way to help you to create your very own unique area for chilling.

So, what does this actually involve? Well, Christopher Ray, Category Manager for Outdoor at B&Q, is on hand to explain...

1. Show off

"Beautiful beds and blossoms form the backdrop of your outdoor space and every gardener needs a place to show them off. Plants and flowers add depth and texture to your garden - select a mix of flowering plants such as busy lizzies and pollinators, like lavender, as they can also benefit the wildlife in your garden. Make sure your growing space has a great supply of sunlight – however, if your garden is shaded, perennials such as hydrangeas, can add subtle colour to darker spaces."

2. Summer soiree

"In the Spring and Summer months, there’s nothing better than an outdoor soiree. Creating different levels in your garden is a clever way of adding depth and the illusion of space. A simple tip to create ambiance on warm evenings is to add outdoor lighting. Pair it with comfy chairs and a smart table and you’ll have trouble ridding yourself of guests!"

3. Zone your own

"Growing your own is extremely satisfying, so it’s important to find the right area in your garden to cultivate delicious, edible goods. You don’t need much space but do look for a level area with a good amount of sunlight exposure to build your bed. Mix and match the different sizes of stackable raised beds to create a personalised growing area that suits your space. Finally, select your seeds - you’re now good to grow!"

Image left: Cannock Metal Egg Chair, £250 at B&Q; right: verve large stackable raised bed, £16 at B&Q

4. Zen show

"Nature has a way of relaxing us, so carve out a space in your garden for quality ‘me time’ where you can unwind. Whether it’s cosying up with a good book or taking an hour or two to relax in the Summer sun, your outdoor space could be the haven you’ve been searching for. To keep chill-out vibes to a maximum, stick to comfy outdoor furniture such as big padded chairs and hammocks."

5. Store more

"It’s important to have the right tools and accessories to cultivate and tend to your garden, and a safe place to store them at the end of the day. Try discreet and secure storage solutions such as garden boxes, that come in a range of materials so that they can easily blend into your space - there’s no need to compromise on style just because you’re outside. Look for currently unused spaces, such as alongside your garden shed, and turn it into a storage area to keep the mess at bay!"

Lead image: Denia 8 seat dining set with backless bench, B&Q, £385