4 reasons why houseplants are good for you...

Posted: 17th Apr 2019

    Houseplants are incredibly in at the minute

    Everywhere you go, you'll see them, with bars and shops just some of the places that have walls adorned in hanging foliage and pots of greenery. If you haven't already, there's increasing proof that jumping on the houseplant bandwagon could be a good idea, creating a stylish and beneficial indoor jungle for your home.

    If you're in two minds about taking the plunge, houseplant expert and ‘On The Ledge’ podcaster Jane Perrone has teamed up with Always Kalanchoe to give HomeStyle the lowdown on exactly why houseplants just might be good for your health as well as your style credentials…

    1. They can increase productivity and concentration

    Studies have found that surrounding yourself with plants can improve productivity and attention span, so putting houseplants on your desk, or in children’s bedrooms where they do homework is a great idea. Try brightly-coloured Kalanchoes, African violets or moth orchids, which have blooms that will last for months - way more worthwhile than a bouquet of cut flowers. 

    2. They can make you happy

    Houseplants can be a fantastic mood booster, and kitchens - often the hub of our homes - are a great room to display them. Placing plants by the sink or near the kettle so you can see them as you wash up or make a cup of tea means you’ll be able to keep a close eye on them and spot any problems before they take hold. Many plants will love the steamy atmosphere of a kitchen, including philodendrons, prayer plants and peace lilies. 

    3. They can reduce tiredness

    The old myth about not putting houseplants in bedrooms is completely unfounded; and packing your bedroom with houseplants could even bring health benefits as surrounding yourself with greenery has been shown to reduce blood pressure and fatigue. It’s easy to forget to water bedroom plants, so opting for fleshy-leaved succulents like Kalanchoes is a canny choice because they store water in their leaves and won’t wilt at the first sign of dry soil. Terrariums filled with ferns and mosses are a great choice too, because they need very little attention from week to week.

    4. They can make your home healthier

    Evidence is mounting that houseplants could play a role in improving air quality in the home, by removing pollutants and increasing humidity levels. And in living rooms, houseplants can make a room feel alive. If light levels are low, opt for unfussy plants such as the asparagus fern or the snake plant. If you have sunny windowsills, cacti and succulents will thrive without much fuss: my Kalanchoe ‘Magic Bells’ has been blooming non-stop for more than six months now. Just remember to water succulents regularly during the summer months, then keep the soil close to dry during colder weather. 

    Kalanchoe (or ‘Flaming Katy’) houseplants are available from just £2 from florists, supermarkets and garden centres nationwide. Kalanchoe care tips and inspiration can be found at www.kalanchoe.nl/en and on Instagram @AlwaysKalanchoe