Study uncovers the decline of Easter traditions around the home

Posted: 16th Apr 2019

Research has revealed there's been a significant decline in the number of families participating in Easter traditions

In fact, the study, carried out by George Home, found Brits would prefer to spend their time watching TV, as opposed to crafting with the kids this Easter.

The survey of 2,000 Brits also found a staggering 74 per cent think of chocolate and Easter eggs when considering the holiday, failing to take the religious symbolism of the period into account, along with the rebirth element that is signalled by the start of Spring.

While Brits do accept the importance of spending time with the family over Easter - including activities like Easter egg hunts (64 per cent) and baking hot cross buns (45 per cent) - there is a definite lack of interest in the more meaningful traditions.

It was found that more than 60 per cent either fail to participate or encourage family members to try the Easter crafts they themselves did as children.

The overlooked activities include egg hunts, bonnet making and painting eggs, with Brits primarily blaming their busy work schedules for this, coupled with their desire to watch TV (32 per cent).

Despite this dip in traditional activities, a large number of Brits do want to spend quality time with their family over Easter (54 per cent).

Jess Lythgow, Buyer from George HOME said “We think family time is important and so this Easter, we’re making it easier for families to come together and host Easter egg hunts for their neighbourhood, warm up hot cross buns to feed family and friends, or tap into their creative side whether that be making decorating eggs for the tree or creating their very own Easter bonnet!”