4 ways to use the KonMari method to declutter your bedroom

Posted: 18th Feb 2019

There's been a real boom in decluttering recently, with Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo offering us some much-needed inspiration on what we can do to declutter our home - step in, the KonMari method

Now, based on the advice of Marie Kondo, Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice, is on hand to share her four tips and tricks that show you how to bring some joy into what should be the most relaxing room in your home - the bedroom.

1. Clutter by category

The KonMari method is all about breaking clutter into five categories - clothing, books, documents, miscellaneous and sentimental.

Putting everything into one of these big piles will mean it becomes easier to organise and see exactly what you do have.

As Rebecca says: "Tackling clutter based on the KonMari method helps to maintain order and prevents having to purge again. This also helps on a psychological level, as it reminds us to think about what we need to buy instead of fixating on what we want."

2. Spark the joy

An important part of Kondo's ethos is practicing gratitude. This becomes apparent when she starts working through each category, with her approach emphasising how we should pick up every item and see whether it speaks any joy. If it does, you should keep it, but if it doesn't, you should get rid.

"So to know if something sparks joy, hold it in both hands and see how the body responds. You will feel a certain thrill if something sparks joy, and a sense of heaviness if it doesn’t. This is a chance to ‘thank’ an item for its service before moving on, and highlights how to tackle clutter in an organised and cheerful way".

3. Fold and stand

It's not always easy to find a home for the itmes that you want to keep - therefore, it will be important to order and make it easy to identify everything. That's where Kondo's method comes in. She folds clothes into thirds and then standing them up, which takes less space, so it will work equally well in wardrobes, as well as in smaller spaces.

Rebecca says: "This method may take some getting used to, but makes it simple to visually keep track of the clothes you have. On top of that, if you wanted to colour code your wardrobe, the uniform look and size of each item means that turning your wardrobe into an Instagram-friendly dream is easily achievable".

"The ‘fold and stand’ method is also perfect for beds with built-in storage - a part of the room that can be easily overlooked. Ottoman beds have ample room for essentials like bedding and towels, and attached drawers that will benefit from this KonMari trick. This can help to create a sense of peace whenever a drawer or cabinet is opened to reveal a tidy and organised space."

4. Use small boxes

Having a selection of small boxes for your clothing and other essentials comes in particularly helpful when you're looking for storing items in the bedroom. Thanks to their compact size, they're easy to fit into drawers and wardrobes, and will subsequently work for clothing or other miscellaneous items. They're also useful if you have stray items that could go missing easily, like rings, watches or glasses, so you can wave goodbye to having to get ready in a hurry.

"A good thing to use here might be old gift or shoe boxes - they’re often a great size, and upcycling them is a wonderful way to make use of something that might otherwise be discarded. It also allows people to get creative, giving them a chance to DIY the boxes to match the decor or complement their aesthetic. This can be another way to spark joy - bringing together elements of decorating and tidying. And bonus: it’s also easier to clean and move things around while still keeping everything tidy".