5 ways you can maximise your kitchen storage

Posted: 15th Feb 2019

Having a beautiful kitchen is all well and good, but unless you have practical storage features, it will most likely lack some much needed functionality

It's a room that will be home to a wide variety of items, ranging from tinned food and cooking utensils to baking equipment - and you need to have a home for all of them.

That's why Optiplan Kitchens have come up with some handy storage solutions that you can incorporate - and they're bound to give you a clutter free space...

1. Deep drawers

Ever find yourself straining to reach those items at the back of a cupboard? Then make that a firm thing of the past by using deep-set drawers. They're easy to both store and locate items in, and help you to maximise your space, thanks to a two-tiered drawer system, which helps you to organise everything from the smallest to the largest of accessories. Having deep wide pull-outs for the pots and pans will be a practical choice, while you can try a bespoke drawer insert to store your cutlery and utensils in a handy way.

2. Larder up

If you happen to be re-designing your kitchen, you should seize the chance to ensure there's room for a bespoke larder. One of 2019’s key trends are well-designed larders, which give you realms of space for unsightly tins and condiments. Alternatively, they could also give you a handy place to store unwanted kitchen gadgets you no longer want. The added bonus is everything gets hidden behind some beautifully constructed doors.

3. The wine rack

For some of you, this will be a crucial addition. Getting a built-in wine rack can seamlessly add sleek sophistication to your kitchen. It ensures your wine is neatly presented and gives you the opportunity to show-off your collection. Another option to consider is a wine cooler, if you prefer white wine too.

4. Shelving units

When you want to display your favourite belongings and showcase personality, an island could be the solution. It means you can display items in the space that gets incorporated into your island's design, giving you a great way to inject some instant detail and charm.

5. Corner storage

The corners of your room can provide an awkward challenge - however, it's a stunning hidden space. Try swing-out drawers that include 'magic corners' as these can display your cupboard's entire contents - hello easy to locate items.