12 ways to safety-proof your stairs

Posted: 15th Feb 2019

An integral yet often forgotten part of your home will be the staircase

Receiving traffic throughout the day, it's usually completely overlooked, and viewed as something which will only be used as we journey through the house.

Yet failing to keep an eye on them can lead to a significant safety risk.

However, there's some good news - many accidents that could occur are fairly easy to avoid, so long as you show your stairs a spot of TLC. That's where this guide from Jackson Woodturners comes in...

1. Make sure your stairway is well lit.

2. Be sure to take extra care when you carry anything up or down the stairs.

3. If you've consumed either alcohol or medication, take extra care.

4. If there are any wobbly balustrades, make sure you secure them.

5. Are there any broken or missing spindles? Then be sure to replace them.

6. Make sure you have at least one handrail that you can hold on to.

7. It may be tempting to use as storage but avoid leaving any objects on your stairs.

8. Avoid using any highly patterned carpets.

9. If you have any loose carpeting, make sure you fix it in place.

10. Don't wear socks when you're on polished wood or painted stair treads - you're just asking to slip if you do.

11. Make sure you don't wear any poorly fitting footwear on the stairs.

12. Make sure the glasses you wear are suitable for judging distances.