6 ways to revitalise your kitchen without spending a penny

Posted: 7th Feb 2019

Whether it's when you're flicking through your latest issue of HomeStyle or find yourself looking online, you'll see those homes that look unrealistically great

How do they maintain it? How can you get it?

Well, the good news is it’s possible to create a magazine-fresh look without needing to splash the cash. In fact, you should treat these images as a starting point - what's to stop you from surpassing it?

So, we spoke to poundstopocket.co.uk who have shared their tips for getting your home looking 10 times better, without spending a penny. Previously, we looked at the living room - this time, we're looking at the new heart of the home, the kitchen.

As we'll spend most of our time 'doing' things in the kitchen (cooking etc), it can feel hard to keep on top of everything, along with how tidy it is. However, if you use the dynamics, you can make it a truly special place to be.

For instance, how often do you end up using and throwing out the jars of the same product? Retain the matching jars you like and use them to store dry goods (like pasta) to give you a consistent look that minimizes any ugly packaging.

1. Start reducing the visual 'noise' by removing any clutter from the top of your fridge.

2. You can keep your countertops clear to achieve a more open feeling in your room.

3. By repurposing jars as spice holders, you achieve a more uniform and organised feeling.

4. Do you have messy piles of coupons and takeaway menus? Then get on top of them by using adhesive pockets.

5. If you have a chaotic cupboard, a simple way to get on top of them will be with a pot organiser.

6. Store your mugs on hooks to create order and to clear your cupboard spaces.

You can see the full infographic here.