Seven decorating trends you need to be aware of this year

Posted: 18th Jan 2019

If you're planning to decorate this year, making sure you're aware of the latest trends becomes crucial

That's where this guide from B&Q comes in. To celebrate the launch of its new GoodHome Paint range, Market Manager for Paint at the retailer, Craig Collins, has shared his predictions for the trends we can expect to see, and the ways in which you can work them into your home...

Something as simple as a coat of paint can have a huge impact on your home – especially as this year's styles are set to be vibrant and full of life.

Without further ado, we find out the seven trends we can expect to see this year...

1. The rise of terracotta

GoodHome Kitchen Fulham Matt Emulsion Paint 2.5L, B&Q, £16

You can expect to see an earthy terracotta palette take over this year. Already, searches for the 'terracotta wall' have increased by 86 per cent this year.

When it comes down to it, you have options for how you can incorporate the shade. You can either move towards a pink with a dark blush, or if you'd prefer to increase the warmth, welcome in scarlet shades..

Another option will be to embrace some Mediterranean chic - this can be achieved by experimenting with some rich burnt oranges or muted reds.

2. Jewel tones

GoodHome Kitchen Fulham Matt Emulsion Paint 2.5L, B&Q, £16

Who said one shade of paint needs to be enough?

By pairing two stand out tones together, you achieve a colour combination that is set to be another big trend this year. In fact, one of the hottest styles will come when you match a colour with muted jewel shades - hello, maximum impact.

While 2018 saw jewel tones take a front row seat, you can expect to see them move aside for more muted versions this year. For instance, the opulent emerald colours will become a dusky green, whilst rich ruby will transform into softer and rosier shades.

Another popular combination to be identified on Pinterest is pink and grey - it's the type of style that works perfectly in larger rooms.

3. The beauty of beige 

GoodHome Walls & Ceilings Tijuana Emulsion paint 2.5L, B&Q, from £12

The age of grey has been great, but all good things must come to an end. Now, it's time to welcome in beige.

Beige has essentially become 2019's must try colour for those spaces where a neutral shade is required. The versatile colour has made a firm comeback, backed up by Pinterest data revealing searches have risen by 73 per cent this year.

If you're looking to spruce up your bathrooms, why not think about a warm shade to create that ultimate luxurious feeling? The creamy vanilla hues work perfectly in living spaces, helping to create a tranquil feeling in our most lived in rooms.

4. Mythical mermaids

GoodHome Feature Wall Beverly Hills Metallic Effect Emulsion paint 2L, B&Q, £15

Unicorns, move over - mermaids are our new mythical creature of choice! With it, comes the introduction of chic metallic palettes that are a certain way to inject some sparkle into your interiors. In fact, metallic walls have proved incredibly popular, with Pinterest data revealing searches have increased by 124 per cent as we look to provide a magical touch to proceedings

If you feel this is a trend that could be a bit too bold for you, why not dip your toe in by opting for some subtle silvers or dreamy blues?

5. Making a statement

Magome Flat Matt Furniture Paint

Many of us will have neglected our humble skirting board, interior doors and window sills for years. However, 2019 is the year where they get their chance to shine. You can also opt for a bolder shade here, and then have the option of sticking to a more neutral shade on your walls.

The trend has an especially great impact on doors, and with Brits looking for new ways to inject their woodwork with life, it's not surprising that searches on Pinterest for 'doors' have increased by nearly a third.

If you want to try the trend, remember, it pays to be bold. 

6. Colour blocking

GoodHome Walls & Ceilings Milltown and Chueca Emulsion Paint 2.5L, B&Q, from £12

Get ready to see colour blocking make a big comeback in 2019. The technique is all about using complementing colours to create striking impacts that will be perfect if you want to create a classic feature wall.

It's quite simple with this - the braver you feel, the better. Why not add some other shapes (for instance triangles or hexagons) to provide your own bursts of colour?

7. Breaking the (fifth) wall

GoodHome Walls & Ceilings Kensington Matt Emulsion Paint 2.5L

Get ready to embrace the forgotten space of your home this year - the ceiling!

The statement ceiling is a great way to incorporate colours and patterns, especially if you want to create the ultimate dramatic effect. Having a bold ceiling is a great way to pull a room together and will also look great alongside more neutral colour palettes like greys, beiges and creams.

Lead image: GoodHome Walls & Ceilings Milltown Emulsion Paint 2.5L, B&Q, from £12