The ultimate guide to looking after your furnishings

Posted: 25th Jan 2019

It can feel like keeping your home fresh is a never-ending job

No sooner have you finished one task than it's time for the next one to be done. In the latest of a series of features, we take a look at exactly what you can do to help you maximise the lifespan of your soft furnishings and household fabrics.

One area where this does apply is your soft furnishings and household fabrics. So when it comes down to it, what exactly should you be considering, before you make a purchase? Well, this guide, courtesy of Terry's Fabrics, explains all...


When it comes to a table cloth, that will need changing roughly every three years. A scatter cushion will also need a change every three years (this goes down to one if there's no regular plumping and washing). An area rug will need cleaning every 10 years but can actually last longer in areas which have low foot traffic.

Daily: Look out for any marks or spillages, before they get a chance to settle. For the rug, avoid wearing shoes, as that reduces the daily wear and tear too.

Weekly: give your rug a hoover and regular wash using tablecloths to keep them fresh.

Occasionally: Think about moving your rug around - that way, you get to avoid locational damage, 'alternate' scatter cushions and tablecloths that will help to prolong their lifespan.

Warning signs: keep your eyes peeled for any general wear and tear, staining, or signs of a loss of firmness / shape.