The ultimate guide to looking after your bathroom

Posted: 24th Jan 2019

It can feel like keeping your home fresh is a never-ending job

No sooner have you finished one task than it's time for the next one to be done.

One area where this does apply is your soft furnishings and household fabrics. So when it comes down to it, what exactly should you be considering, before you make a purchase? Well, this guide, courtesy of Terry's Fabrics, explains all...


Bathrooms are designed to withstand the majority of wear and tear, but trying the following tips can help you get even longer from yours.

As a rule, you should replace your shower curtain once a year, towels every three years, and if you have a bath mat, think about changing that every one to two years.

To help to maintain yours, try the following:

Daily: Make sure your bathroom is well ventilated. This will allow your shower curtains and the other fabrics to try in between use.

Twice a week: Give both your towels and bath mats a change. This helps them to avoid a build-up of bacteria, in the process, helping to cut down on the chances of wear and tear through over-use.

Occasionally: You should take down your shower curtain once a month, to make sure mildew doesn't grow.