The essential guide to looking after your curtains

Posted: 18th Jan 2019

It can feel like keeping your home fresh is a never-ending job

No sooner have you finished one task than it's time for the next one to be done. In the latest of a series of features, we take a look at exactly what you can do to help you maximise the lifespan of your soft furnishings and household fabrics.

One area where this does apply is your soft furnishings and household fabrics. So when it comes down to it, what exactly should you be considering, before you make a purchase? Well, this guide, courtesy of Terry's Fabrics, provides you with an overview of looking after your curtains...


You can expect lined curtains to typically have a life of five years, while unlined are fine for four. Sheer last for three, compared to glass fibre which are fine for four.

To help to maintain yours, try the following:

Weekly: Give your curtains a wipe down to get rid of any dust or stains.

Occasionally: A couple of times each year, give your curtains a thorough wash. One thing to make sure you do - check whether they need hand washing or are machine wash only.

Preventative: A UV window treatment could help to reduce the effects of the sun fading.

Warning signs: Keep your eyes peeled for any signs of sunlight exposure, along with general signs of wear and tear.