10 ways to change your kitchen without having to redecorate

Posted: 20th Nov 2018

With Brits up and down the country increasingly looking to do up their homes instead of moving, ensuring your kitchen (aka, the heart of the home) is looking amazing has never been more important

To help you make the most of your space, Breville® has partnered with leading interior stylist and TV star Sophie Robinson, to provide some top tips on upgrading your kitchen without actually having to re-decorating.

Sophie comments: "As far as home renovation is concerned, fitting a new kitchen often comes with a high price tag but there are simple ways to upgrade your kitchen without breaking the bank. A lick of paint, upgrading the handles on kitchen cabinets or adding colour and texture with a new appliance for example, are just some of the ways in which you can take years off your kitchen and create a space you feel proud of."

The 10 tips to try are…

1. Consider painting the front of your kitchen unit doors - it's a hack that can provide a brand new look. If you have some shaker doors, how about applying patterned wallpaper with a topcoat of varnish? This has the advantage of protecting it inside the panels.

Another trick will be using masking tape to create the patterns on a plain front door - this gives you some fashionable asymmetric patterns running across the units.

2. Having a cluttered worktop can distract from even the most stylish of settings. Get away from messy clutter by clearing the worktop as much as you can, and reorganising your cupboards, as this will let you fit in as much as you can. Placing a Lazy Susan inside your corner cupboard could also be a good move, as it lets you easily access jars and bottles, maximising the hard to reach areas.

3. Once you have neat and tidy worktops, you can start thinking about exactly how to style them up. Start by aiming to have only the nicest things on display. Then play around with the items that you plan to keep out by grouping them in pairs or odd numbers (for instance, five or three). Another tip will be going for items of differing heights and textures, as this creates a visually appealing sight.

4. Adding colour to the kitchen is just as important as it is anywhere else. Opting for a bright botanical wallpaper is a good move that will look fantastic. You can also have some fun by grouping things together by colour. This will then prevent your room from feeling cluttered, providing a sense of harmony.

5. However, bright colours may not be your thing - if you prefer more neutral tones, you can always introduce texture to prevent your kitchen from giving off bland, uninteresting vibes. Whether it's handmade ceramics, wooden bowls or metallic utensils, you can be assured that you will create some visual impact.

6. How about going for open plan shelving? If you're looking to have a particularly modern style, floating shelves accompanied by LED back lighting could be ideal. Alternatively, you can achieve a more rustic look by using reclaimed scaffold planks.

The one thing you can rely on is that open plan shelving will be great for showing off your favourite cookbooks, storage jars and glasses. Be sure to have some fun when styling your shelves and include ornaments with photos to add some personality to your kitchen.

7. A great and instant tile update will be stickers. You'd be amazed by the patterned designs you can get, while some looks can end up mimicking real stone. There will be lots of design possibilities, and it's a simple way to add some instant character.

The best bit? When you want a new design, you can just peel them off.

8. A current hot trend is the living plant wall - and one of the best places to try this look will be in the kitchen. You can create a living wall by arranging a series of potted herbs - these hang from the wall on hooks at different levels or alternatively can be displayed on a wall rack.

9. A real game changer can be replacing worktops - and it doesn't need to be impossible either. Opting for an affordable laminate worktop could be the order of the day here. Avoid any fake granite or wood designs and instead think about a worktop that provides a modern pop of colour.

A particularly popular choice is proving to be pale pink or a rich forest green. You then end up with a worktop that is the star of the show, while the colour soaked kitchen is expected to be the next big interiors trend.

10. If you're designing on a budget, you should think about where you can make the biggest impact for the least money. This is typically the floor. For both ease and affordability, it's worth rolling out a new piece of lino to achieve an eye-arresting and bold geometric print. Not only is it fashionable, but it offers a great focal point too.

Breville® has partnered with Sophie to celebrate the launch of their new 'Flow' range of kettles and toasters, on sale now.