Five kitchen trends to look out for in 2019

Posted: 9th Nov 2018

The new hub of the home is the kitchen

It's always been the go-to place for socialising, yet with an ever growing movement towards open plan spaces, along with the shared living and dining areas, homeowners are becoming more creative with their designs than ever before.

If you’re wondering what styles you should be looking out for in 2019, Andy Briggs, Optiplan Kitchens Interior Designer, is sharing his tips…

1. Moveable spaces

Nowadays, it’s easy to move our living, bedroom and dining furniture around - the only place we seem to be limited is the kitchen. However, as these other spaces can be adapted to suit how we live, why should the kitchen be any different?

Well, the good news is there are ways around this, with moveable work-surfaces, breakfast bars and pull down units all starting to feature on our wish-lists.

Other features include hidden wall panels, that hide kitchen gadgets - they're ideal for homeowners who are after a sleek, minimal design, yet want to have additional functionality.

2. Better your space

You don't necessarily need to have a large kitchen for the space to be working at its best. Each kitchen, regardless of the size, simply needs some clever design ideas that will make a practical, yet stylish look. Next year, you can expect to see a big trend for ceiling height cupboards, which, along with tall units with overhead cabinets, will create some serious storage.

3. Smart kitchen

Get ready to embrace kitchen tech, as smart appliances - for instance, built-in Bluetooth speakers and automatic lighting - are soon going to be an everyday necessity.

4. Complement your surfaces

Combining the different styles of worktop in contrasting colours and textures will give you a point of visual drama and creativity within the room.

5. Beyond the kitchen

Each room will start to link to the next, subsequently creating a connection throughout your entire home. The furniture will create a link - for instance sliding doors and open plan shelving units. These can then feed into your living-dining areas, subsequently merging the two zones.

Tips provided by Optiplan Kitchens