The four stages to painting your own geometric wall

Posted: 19th Oct 2018

Are you after a wall with a difference? Well, geometrics could be the way to go! Here, we talk you through how you can paint your very own geometric wall

1. To start off with, choose an area which is bare but not too vast. A smaller area or single wall works best here. Clear anything out of the way such as cabinets or units and then prep the wall, by removing any nails or screws and filling any holes. Then, simply sand it down.

2. Choose a base colour that will make the most impact, and then pick a second shade. This can either be a complementary or totally contrasting shade - it's up to you. Start by painting the wall in a base colour first - this will be the darker one.

3. Draw out the design and add shapes. If you feel particularly confident, you could always try the slanted parallelogram shapes that are seen on page 55 of our October 2018 issue (available as a digital download for only £0.99 here).

4. Mask off the areas, before painting two coats of the lighter accent colour and pull off the masking tape when dry.

Feature and styling by Stephanie Smith / photos by David Giles