Why blinds could be the secret weapon you need this winter

Posted: 17th Oct 2018

It's not exactly ground-breaking to reveal one of the main causes of heat loss in the home will be exposed windows

Glass simply isn't a good insulator - it lets too much warmth escape, while letting the cold in.

However, the good news is there could be a way around this - blinds.

If you're not sure how they could be, the British Blind and Shutter Association explain exactly why blinds could be the secret weapon you need in your corner this winter...

While turning the heating up will warm your room, covering your windows is essential if you're looking to reduce draughts and cut your heating bills.

So, why are blinds so crucial here? Well, apart from being an attractive addition to your windows, they're practical, cost-effective and energy efficient too.

When it comes to the most efficient style, honeycomb blinds are your friend. Great for giving you privacy, they create a barrier between the room and window surface, trapping air in the fabric's cells.

In fact, a study by Glasgow Caledonian University revealed honeycomb blinds are more efficient at preventing heat loss in comparison to heavy curtains. While heavy curtains can reduce heat loss by 39 per cent, honeycomb blinds are significantly more effective, cutting it by an astounding 60 per cent on single glazing windows.

When it comes to choosing your new blinds, a thicker fabric, along with one that has a reflective coating, will be the way to go to ensure your space maintains the right atmosphere. Blinds that are fitted in frames (sometimes called cassettes) or with channels at the side also help to retain the heat too.

When fitting blinds, they can either go inside or outside of the reveal – going for the former helps to maximise the heat retaining abilities. This is because it covers the entire window, making it thermally more efficient as there are then fewer gaps for the cold air to go through.

However, there will be one exception to the rule - shutters. They're among the most efficient choices if you're looking for warmth, as they provide a snug fit inside the window frame, and because thick wood acts as a great insulator.

Don't forget that as the winter sun rises, you should keep your blinds open to make the most of it and collect some heat. Then, as the sun goes down, simply lower them to keep the warmth in.

Information provided by the British Blind and Shutter Association