Five ways to make a new build feel like a home

Posted: 28th Sep 2018

Are you stuck wondering what you can do to make a new-build property feel like a home?

Having a brand-new home or extension is essentially a blank canvas where you can put your own design stamp. The most important thing to do will be remembering to give it that all-important shot of personality - if you're wondering how you can do this, try following these tips from Victoria Harrison, Editor of, which are sure to give your new-build a touch of character.

1. Contrasting is key

A good move is to contrast your furniture with your property, as Sophie van Winden of Owl Design explains. Having a new-build home will tend to have a neutral interior, so mixing and matching it with different styles and ages of furniture will add both warmth and interest. Old or second-hand furniture will also be perfect for family living - it's not too precious.

2. Paint any uninspiring woodwork

If you're looking to keep your rooms light and neutral but are still looking to give your home a unique feel, paint the woodwork. You'd be surprised by the impact painting skirting boards, window frames and banisters can have just by painting them in a bolder shade - it can really give them a new lease of life.

3. Make an entrance

A new build will normally have some very simple features that will appeal to a wide range of tastes. If you want to jazz up your staircase, there's a simple way to do this - either hang some bold wallpaper or add a stair runner.

4. Invest in curtains

Yasmin Chopin, interior designer at Houzz, pinpoints investing in curtains. Having luscious long curtains will give your room a touch of luxury, while buying some custom-made drapes in a fabric you like is sure to give your room a lift - they'll then be a pleasure for you to open each morning.

5. Low ceilings, no problem!

It's typical for new-builds to not really be blessed with the lofty ceilings that older properties boast. If you're hankering after a high-ceiling look, opting for a large patterned or colourful rug gives you the impression that yours looks taller. You can trick the eye further by going for low-slung furniture that will give you the feeling that there's more headroom. Ignore decorative pendants - instead, install discreet flush-mounted lighting that will give your room a sleek and uninterrupted look.

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