Seven ways to transform a rented home

Posted: 27th Sep 2018

If you're in a rented home, you may feel like your hands are tied when it comes to transforming your interiors

However, there are some quick tricks and fixes you can try that are a sure way to change your home - and they can be taken with you when you leave. Victoria Harrison, the Editor of is on hand to share her tips...

1. Focus on your own things

Okay, so you can’t paint the walls. Therefore, think about the ways that you can add character by using removable items. For instance, why not use paint to upcycle items you own? (You can find tutorials explaining how to do this here). It can be anything - a cabinet, table or bookshelf - and is a great way to bring some personality and colour.

2. Stickers could be for you

You can add and remove wall stickers with next to no fuss. Coming in a huge range of designs and colours, they have the added advantage of being inexpensive. They can be a great way to create a small feature wall too.

3. Make it modular

You should look for furniture that can be moved and reconfigured easily, so it can be easily placed into another home. For instance, instead of going for a sofa with a chaise, opt for a simple sofa and armchair. That way, you get the same seating space without having a limited configuration and gives you complete flexibility with your layout.

4. Make it reversible

A great way to freshen up a kitchen or bathroom will be tile stickers. They have the additional benefit of being 100 per cent removable when you’re moving out. Alternatively, how about removable wallpaper? It's simple to stick on and peels easily too.

5. Lighten up

Lighting is key in any space - it's one area you shouldn't scrimp on. Rental lighting will often be dark, stark and virtually non-existent - adding lamps, candles and string lights can instantly transform a room without leaving permanent marks. Going for big, sculptural, freestanding lamp which has a gorgeous shade can transform the entire room.

6. Add the art without any hole

If you're not allowed to hang anything on the walls, you can try to use what you already have to create a decorative statement. Think about existing shelving or cabinet tops to display art and decorative pieces.

7. Big rugs

Bare walls and floors don't necessarily mean having an uninspiring interior - however, adding something of your own can be a great way to create a homely feeling. Covering your floor with a big, beautiful rug or layering up several smaller ones is a good tip to try.

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