Eight jobs to do to prepare your house for autumn

Posted: 14th Sep 2018

As we move into autumn, we welcome in cosy evening, the nights starting to draw in and, of course, falling leaves

It's factors such as these leaves that you need to consider when thinking about your home, and what needs doing for the general maintenance.

If you’re not sure what this would involve. the experts at Roof Stores are offering their tips to help you make sure your house stays in top condition during the months ahead...

1. Gutter maintenance

As the leaves start to fall from the trees, it will be time to make sure your gutters are clear.

2. Insulate (part i)

Start insulating your external pipes and taps. However, you should make sure the taps are turned off at the isolating valve prior to the frosty weather arriving.

3. Exterior damage

Keep an eye out for signs of damage on your exterior walls and address the faults that prevent water ingress occurring over winter. However, if you need to carry out full repairs, this should be done during the warmer weather.

4. Debris clearance

Start clearing the debris from your wall junction to ensure you prevent damp from rising.

5. Drain awareness

Keep an eye out for any issues that could cause foul drains. To do this, remove the inspection covers.

6. Draughty moments

Check draughtproofing around the doors and windows, but make sure you leave adequate ventilation elsewhere through airbricks.

7. Insulation (part ii)

Start insulating your interior taps in cold areas - for instance, those in cupboards on external walls, or if you have unheated rooms and outbuildings.

8. Insulation (part iii)

Be sure to check you have the right amount of insulation in your loft. Think about aiming for a minimum depth of 270mm.